People Analytics: Transforming HR Strategy with Data Science

Leverage the value of people data for superior business outcomes
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Why Enrol for the People Analytics: Transforming HR Strategy with Data Science Programme?

Today’s human resource leaders and people managers are being called upon to make decisions that enhance both people and business outcomes. Most HR leaders do not have access to employee data as well as the analytical tools that help to derive insights, and optimise and align decisions with strategic corporate objectives. This programme will enable you to develop a cutting-edge people analytics function in your organisation. It will also equip you with practical and analytical techniques, and data-driven insights that will guide you to future-proof your business.

Who Is This Programme For?

The programme is focused on helping HR leaders leverage people analytics to achieve positive change across individual, organisational and societal levels, and chart a vision for the future. The programme is ideal for:

  • Mid-level to senior HR professionals from any industry looking to set up or restructure the people analytics function to leverage data and solve problems.You will understand the opportunities and risks of big data and machine learning in HR and quantify and predict the impact of people on business outcomes.

  • People/data analytics professionals seeking to expand strategic knowledge of people analytics and integrate untapped data sources to make business-relevant predictions. You will discover analytical techniques to evaluate a range of internal factors, such as managerial bench strength, high turnover, skills shortages, appraisal frameworks and more.

  • Consultants - HR and Analytics who need the technical skills to provide more innovative and impactful solutions to their clients. You will understand where people data resides within an organisation and learn to leverage these resources effectively.

  • Project managers who need to optimise and better align their teams and initiatives with corporate strategy. You will broaden your perspective on the many psychological and behavioural factors that determine the success or failure of strategic projects.

  • Directors and functional heads looking to use people analytics to transform their workplace and make better staffing decisions.

  • Employee representatives who want to acquire a more sophisticated understanding of how big data and artificial intelligence are transforming many aspects of the workplace.

Learnings from this programme are applicable across most major industries, including financial services, utilities, real estate, telecom, consulting and other professional services, government as well as labour unions and other professional bodies.


Throughout this eight-week online programme, you will learn practical approaches to set up your people analytics team and leverage data that already exists within your organisation, to solve strategic challenges at the workplace.

For more information on the syllabus, download the brochure.

Programme Highlights

The programme includes a mix of live and recorded sessions with faculty and guest speakers, application exercises, interactive discussion groups and proprietary tools such as the discussion groups and psychometric instruments. We expect participants to dedicate 4–6 hours per week over the eight weeks of the programme.

Setting Up a People Analytics Function

Setting Up a People Analytics Function

Learn what it takes in practice to set up a people analytics function and how to best position it within your organisation; refine the ways in which you collect, analyse and maintain organisational databases; and equip your function with the necessary techniques to tackle the most salient challenges.

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Generating Actionable Insights

Apply scientific research methodologies to enhance information quality and experiment with confidence in complex and dynamic organisational settings.

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From Description to Prediction

Explore how prediction models are designed and how they operate to enable more accurate forecasting. This will inspire you to shape the future through accountable and data-driven leadership.

Using Data to Solve Problems

Using Data to Solve Problems

Learn the language of data science to better manage analysts working with people data. Integrate psychological theory with strategic imperatives to significantly improve project outcomes.

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Action Plan for Your Organisation

Create a workbook that includes reflection, discussion and consolidation of each week's learning along with practical guidance and support in implementing people analytics in practice.


Faculty Member Peter Romero

Research Associate (Operations & Technology Management), BSc (Zhejiang University), MSc (University of Munich), PhD (University of Cambridge)

Luning Sun is a highly experienced psychometrician and researcher, having led many international research collaborations to advance the field of psychological and behavioural ...

Faculty Member Peter Romero

People Analytics Lead, The Psychometrics Centre

Peter Romero has 20 years of experience working at marquee organisations such as Gartner and SHL, of which he spent six years in Research & Development and 14 years in consult...


The programme had an easy-to-follow structure, the right level of challenging content covering various aspects of people analytics, and a good mix of videos and reading.
Jennifer Theron
Resourcing Manager, Project Management
I loved that the content was really engaging and that I learned about how other organisations have used people analytics to great success.
Jennie Oliver
People Director, Human Resources Management
The best part was learning not only what people analytics is and how to use data, but how to organise projects and who the stakeholders are.
Natsumi Hasumi
People and Culture Executive, Human Resources Management
Philp Morris International


Upon successful completion of the programme, participants will be awarded a digital certificate of completion by Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education.

Please note that this programme can be incorporated into the completion of the Cambridge General Management Certificate of Achievement (GMCA). It will be credited as an "in-person" two-day programme for the purpose of meeting the GMCA requirements. If you require more details on the GMCA and wish to speak to our advisers, please contact

Note: After successful completion of the online programme, your verified digital certificate will be emailed to you in the name you used when registering for the programme. All certificate images are for illustrative purposes only and may be subject to change at the discretion of Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education.


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