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Why enrol in the Steering Complex Projects programme?

'Meet the objective' is the obvious goal for any project—but the objective is not always ROI. When the aim is organisational change, learning outcomes or culture change, a different approach may be needed. This programme can help you gain the expertise to take on more complex and novel projects while successfully connecting the dots between your strategic goals and your project goals. You’ll learn project management processes along with ways to build organisational capability to ensure that not only are your projects completed, but also that your outcomes are predictable.

Who is this programme for?

This programme is focused on the “why” and “how” of managing complex projects, and provides essential best practices regarding their successful completion as well as delivering value for stakeholders. The programme is ideal for:

  • C-suite and senior-level executives seeking an overview of project management as well as insights on choosing the most appropriate project approach based on their strategic objective.

  • Highly experienced PMP-certified project managers looking to go deeper than traditional PMP courses and develop their leadership skills in project management.

  • Consultants who need the skill to articulate the case for projects and influence multiple stakeholders.

The programme’s lessons are applicable across most major industries, including banking and finance, consulting, government, infrastructure, professional services, real estate, technology and telecom.

What you will learn

Throughout this eight-week programme, you’ll learn to select the best approach for your projects to ensure they meet your strategic objectives and deliver value for your stakeholders.

For more information on the syllabus, download the brochure.

Programme highlights

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Projects as strategic change

Translate high-level strategic goals into project goals.

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Aligning projects with people

Identify the key characteristics of different types of projects, and articulate the appropriate management and personnel systems for each.

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Managing risk and uncertainty

Anticipate project uncertainties and take mitigating or responsive actions.

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Governance and accountability

Build a framework for managing governance structures with accountability measures.

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Relationships and influence

Develop effective practices in relationship management and exercising influence.

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Providing an integrated framework

Apply established methods of knowledge exchange and learning tools in a way that is appropriate to the challenges of a project.

Case studies

Each week starts with a vignette or case reading in which participants examine not only the technical aspects of project management, but also the managerial and strategic implications. The vignettes compel participants to confront the problems of:

Project Strategy
Project strategy

See how a struggling natural resources company facing an uncertain future weighs the merits and risks of multiple projects to determine which one(s) will help move their organisation forward.

Project Planning
Project planning

An engineering company that builds drones is tasked with delivering a product proposal to a customer within an abbreviated timeframe. Follow their consideration of the benefits, duration, risks and costs of different activities in an effort to maintain their project schedule.

Novel Projects
Novel projects

Follow the journey of a turnaround CEO at a software startup tasked with a project with many unknowns that require her to get to the source(s) of the organisation’s problems in order to determine the appropriate goals for the project.

Team Composition
Team composition

Delve into the makeup of two teams racing to reach the South Pole first in 1911 and see how their composition impacted their success, from their goals, values and problem-solving processes to team roles, interpersonal dynamics and leadership.


Discover how stakeholder buy-in and leadership issues led to the failure of a knowledge management project undertaken by an enterprise software management company.

Project Contracts
Project contracts

Explore fundamental problems with contracts and how an integrated approach can enhance success through the lens of three high-profile project contracts—the Eurotunnel, the Panama Canal expansion and Heathrow Terminal 5.

Project Learning
Project learning

Evaluate the efficacy and necessity of a variety of tools used by an IT consulting firm to ensure that learnings from individual projects could be utilised by their entire project organisation.



Professor of Operations and Technology Management

Before coming to CJBS in 2011, Professor Loch was the GlaxoSmithKline Chaired Professor of Corporate Innovation at INSEAD, where he also served as Dean of the PhD programme an...


Professor of Operations Management, MBA, PhD (Case Western University)

Dr Sengupta has served as adviser on several projects with the U.S. Government Department of Defense as well as NASA, besides consulting with organisations in Silicon Valley a...


All the modules in the programme have been great to go through and study. It will help me in my day-to-day work to first determine our actions and set these as projects (not always complex). It will a...
 Tim Gys
Tim Gys
Manager, International Operations, Marine EMEA, BRP European Distribution
This programme gave me a new perspective, insights and an academic framework to tackle any project and deal with issues that arise in it.
Peter Harvey
Peter Harvey
Director, Newbury Consulting
The pace and detail of each module were commendable— the programme helped assimilate the topics and be ready for the next one. It was not too time-consuming, which was especially important for me.
Paulo Ferreira
Paulo Ferreira
Director General, FISU
The best part of the programme was learning how to approach different types of complex projects and how to steer them afterwards. Understanding the difference between managing Execution Projects, Nove...
Brigitta Karina Hoffmann
Brigitta Karina Hoffmann
Project Management, Civil Construction
For me, it was the practical language and real-world insights shared throughout the programme that helped the most. The approach used throughout was not typical of other project trainings where real-w...
Michael Moloney
Michael Moloney
Project Manager, Self-Employed
Helpful and relevant content at the right level of depth, together with a compelling eLearning platform.
Daniel Wenzel Mendes
Daniel Wenzel Mendes
VP, Global Supply Chain and Planning, Cycling Sports Group
The video content, exercises and workbooks were well-designed and very useful. The lecturers were experienced and clear in their lessons.
Mario Pavon
Mario Pavon
Manager, Digital Civis Solutions


Upon successful completion of the programme, participants will be awarded a digital certificate of completion by Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education.

Please note that this programme can be incorporated into the completion of the Cambridge General Management Certificate of Achievement (GMCA). It will be credited as an 'in-person' two-day programme for the purpose of meeting the GMCA requirements. If you require more details on the GMCA and wish to speak to our advisers, please contact

Note: After successful completion of the online programme, your verified digital certificate will be emailed to you in the name you used when registering for the programme. All certificate images are for illustrative purposes only and may be subject to change at the discretion of Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education.


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